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This component offers the use of banked cell lines, as well as specialized services, training, and shared resources.

Cell lines. We have over 30 lymphoid, mesenchymal and intestinal epithelial cell line models available including: 

Established Cell Lines: T84, MEFs, Caco2, IEC18, and HCT116 cells.

Primary Cell Lines: Human T Cells derived from Peripheral blood or Intestine.

For a complete list see Cell Lines available through the TECM Core

Training. We train laboratory personnel in sterile technique and cell passage.

Special services. We offer flow cytometry and cell sorting training and help with experimental design.

Ussing Chambers for measurements of barrier function, transport, and host-microbe interactions.

Discounted serum and supply costs.

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Eugene B. Chang, M.D.

Martin Boyer Professor of Medicine
DDRCC Director and Host-Microbe Core Director
Phone: 773-702-6458
E-mail: echang@medicine.bsd.uchicago.edu

John Alverdy, M.D. 

Professor, Department of Surgery and Tissue Engineering and Cell Models Core Co-Director

5841 South Maryland Avenue

AMB G201/MC 6090

Chicago, IL  60637(773) 702-9200
E-mail: jalverdy@surgery.bsd.uchicago.edu