Tissue Engineering and Cell Models Core  

The purpose of the Tissue Engineering and Cell Models Core (TECM) is to develop and provide novel and vetted experimental models customized to the needs of DDRCC investigators, enabling them to address key questions relating to causality and mechanisms.

The TECM Core provides the following types of services:

Repository for intestinal cell lines: Centralized services for established and primary intestinal cell lines: Epithelial and mesenchymal cell lines, primary and immortalized human and murine immune cells, Examples: YAMC, T cell subset isolation, Caco2, HCT116, HT29, SW48, CCD18 T84, Mesenteric fat cell isolation; YACM, MEF, T84, Caco2, HT29                                                       

Tissue Engineering Models: facilities, custom services, and training: Tissue specific epithelial organoids and hapnoids (human and mouse) – preparation, vetting, customization, and cryopreservation: Investigator specific customization services, training, and consultation:                                                      

Experimental Systems: facilities, custom services, and training: including live functional assays: Ussing Chamber, Flow Cytometry: In vivo models: Animal surgery, C. elegans, G. mellonella: - Ex vivo models: Intestinal loops, primary tissue cultures        

Supplies: FBS, tissue culture and organoid media, additives, pipettes and culture plates

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