Tissue Cell Analysis Core

Dr. Christopher Weber, M.D., Ph.D, gastrointestinal pathologist, is the new director of the tissue cell analysis core and will work with Dr. Vytas Bindokas, Ph.D, an expert in cutting-edge imaging technologies. 

For those who have not taken advantage of the core, its roles are as follows:

1.  To provide expert anatomic pathology review of human and experimental animal tissues as well as consultation in the best approaches for such analyses.  Consultations are performed at no cost.

2.  To provide cost-effective, efficient, high quality processing and staining of formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded tissues.

3.  To make the vast collections of human tissue within The Department of Pathology archives available to DDRCC members.

4.  To make cutting edge imaging technologies available to DDRCC members at discounted rates along with training and consultation.

There are a number of new imaging systems available, including ground state depletion and STED superresolution microscopes as well as a single plane illumination microscope (SPIM). The microscopes are detailed at:  http://digital.bsd.uchicago.edu

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For additional information contact Dr. Weber at christopher.weber@uchospitals.edu