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Bana Jabri, M.D., Ph.D.
DDRCC Co-Director and Systems Translational Core Director
Phone: 773-834-8670

Dr. Bana Jabri is a pediatric gastroenterologist and an expert in innate and mucosal immunity. She has followed a career interest in celiac disease, autoimmune disorders and inflammatory bowel disease. She is the 2009 recipient of the William K. Warren, Jr. Prize for Excellence in Celiac Disease Research. Dr. Jabri has extensive experience in human immunology, especially in designing and performing studies on human intestinal tissue samples. More recently, she has been developing mouse models that mimic key aspects of immune dysregulation found in patients with inflammatory intestinal disorders. Using human and mouse models, Dr. Jabri aims to identify key immune pathways involved in the initiation and development of autoimmune diseases and intestinal inflammatory disorders. Identification of such pathways will yield insights that lead to new, targeted therapeutic strategies.

In addition to co-directing the DDRCC, Dr. Jabri is responsible for the scientific direction, administration, and efficient usage of the facilities and resources of the Integrated Translational Core.

Joel Pekow, M.D.
Integrated Translational Research Core Co-Director
Phone: 773-702-6840


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