Administrative Core

The Administrative Core has oversight of the other four cores and determines the center’s overall direction. Its members also comprise the DDRCC Executive Committee.

John Alverdy, M.D.

Professor of Surgery DDRCC Associate Director
Phone: 773-702-1618
E-mail: jalverdy@surgery.bsd.

Eugene B. Chang, M.D.

Martin Boyer Professor of Medicine
DDRCC Director
Phone: 773-702-6458
E-mail: echang@medicine.bsd.

Cathryn Nagler, Ph.D.

Bunning Food Allergy and Professor of Pathology
Director of Pilot and Feasibility and Enrichment programs
Phone: 773-702-6317

Bana Jabri, M.D., Ph.D.

Professor of Medicine and Pathology DDRCC co-Director
Phone: 773-702-6458

Joeli Brinkman, Ph.D

DDRCC Program Manager

Phone: 773-702-5639


Francine Vukovich

DDRCC Administrator
Phone: 773-702-6458
Email: fjackson@medicine.bsd.