The Cores

The Center is composed of three biomedical cores, one translational core, our Administrative Core, as well as our Pilot and Feasibility and Enrichment Programs. All are located in the Knapp Center for Biomedical Discovery.

Administrative Core

Maintains oversight of the other four cores and determines the center’s overall direction. Its leaders comprise the Executive Committee.

Integrative Clinical and Biospecimen Core

The information and communication hub of the DDRCC, this core centralizes samples and promotes vibrant collaboration among researchers.

Tissue Engineering and Cell Models Core

Develop and provide novel and vetted experimental models that enable DDRCC investigators to address important questions relating to mechanisms and causality in digestive diseases.

Host Microbe Core

Provides advanced facilities, services, and expertise to study host-microbe interactions relating to human health and inflammatory bowel diseases.

Multiparametric Host Cell Analysis Core

Facilitates the study of intestinal disease by providing computational, antibody, and flow cytometry services.