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The UChicago DDRCC for Interdisciplinary Study of Inflammatory Intestinal Disorders (C-IID) has been funded since 1990, and has a long-standing track record of excellence in digestive-related disease basic, translational and clinical research. One of the C-IID's main aims is to facilitate the transfer of new research findings to the clinical arena.

The Team

The clinical and translational team is co-led by Drs. Sonia Kupfer and Joel Pekow. Dr. Kupfer is an adult gastroenterologist and physician-scientist with research interests in genetic-environment interactions in GI cancers. Dr. Pekow is also an adult gastroenterologist expert in IBD and the director of translational research in the section of Gastroenterology, Hepatology, & Nutrition. This newest of the focus groups reflects the success of the C-IID to promote new technologies and multidisciplinary research to develop translational research in the area of complex intestinal disorders. The success of the C-IID in this area is reflected in the capacity of members of the C-IID to obtain high-profile multidisciplinary translational grants

Our Research

The overarching theme of the C-IID focused on IBD and more generally complex disorders of the bowel has been the foundation of scholarship and discovery in digestive diseases research group for 80 years. The focus areas are based on the etiopathogenic principles for intestinal inflammatory disorders, but they cross cut to many other disorders that share these fundamental mechanisms. Around these themes and individuals, the C-IID has created state-of-the-art facilities and services that enable investigators to address fundamental and challenging questions that are at the forefront of discovery and to translate these discoveries to new diagnostics and treatments. Collaboration and interactions of this group are illustrated by the high numbers of co-authored publications.

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